Sera Digital is focused on providing consumer electronics solutions that enable a better user experience, affordability and better performance for portable devices. These products include Bluetooth-based connectivity solutions, USB 3.0 connectivity solutions and portable power conversion solutions - all for mobile devices. Current Bluetooth solutions include an adapter for iPhone/iTouch/iPod docking stations so users can wirelessly stream (via Bluetooth) music from any mobile device, whether Apple, Android, Windows or another. In addition, Sera Digital provides a Bluetooth stereo portable headset ideal for taking along for a workout or other recreation. It connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music or take calls from your smartphone. Sera Digital also provides a Bluetooth keyboard for iPad mini that is also a protective aluminum case for the screen. An iPad mini can be propped up on the keyboard for convenient viewing as you type. Sera Digital's USB solutions include a 4 port USB 3.0 portable hub and a portable USB 3.0 card reader / writer.
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